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Specialty Capital was formed to meet a critical need: financial assistance for small businesses. Traditional funders not only take months to approve and deliver cash, but they also reject promising enterprises due to their credit score, financials, or the presence of onerous collateral requirements. Become a partner funder today!

It implies that company owners cannot obtain the finance they require to live and develop. And even if they are authorized, it may be too little, too late. Time is a valuable commodity. They recognize that small businesses require quick access to working finance.

Specialty Capital” funding partners use Specialty Capital financing solutions, technological platforms, and white label offers to increase their customers’ access to capital.

If you provide equipment leases, SBA loans, credit card advances, or other sorts of short-term financing, “specialized capital” can help you enhance your product offering. To retain their relationship while improving the client experience, financing partners handle the process directly with the business owner.

  • Industry-leading commissions
  • Deal pipeline and offer calculator
  • Solutions with a white label

Referral partners provide Specialty Capital leads and earn a commission on the funded projects.

The sales process is managed internally by the Specialty Capital customer success team, and we give reporting so you can see which prospects were financed successfully. Businesses are often reimbursed within 24 hours after approval.

We deal with referral partners in various sectors, and our contracts are tailored to unique partners. We work with you to establish the optimal partnership structure for each business, from direct commissions to bonus miles and other incentives.

Your merchants are qualified to apply if they have been in business for 12 months or longer, produce $120,000 or more in annual revenue and have a credit score of at least 500.

Becoming A Funding Partner

Specialty today’s’ funding partners use Specialty Capital financing solutions, technological platforms, and white label offers to increase their clients’ access to money.

They can assist you in expanding your product line if you provide receivable financing (MCA), equipment leases, SBA loans, or credit card advances.

You will be assigned a dedicated Partner Relationship Executive who will manage the process directly with you and provide you bids for your merchants within 2 hours, allowing you to win more agreements.

Leading Commissions In The Industry 

We provide one of the highest commissions in the business to their partners.

We routinely offer unique bonus programs for referral partners, including monthly and quarterly bonus objectives.

Reasons To Become A Partner Funder

Specialty Today’s success is dependent on their ties with their referral partners. They are a major B/C broker-driven funder to provide excellent customer service.

Every sector is distinct and needs outside-the-box thinking to accelerate funding. They work closely with their partners to clearly describe the sort of paper they want to sponsor and iterate our underwriting for each of our partners.

Their success speaks for itself, and they continue to bring on new partners on an as-needed basis.

Reputation You Can Trust

The Merchant Cash Advance industry’s reputation speaks for itself.

Unfortunately, unscrupulous actors prey on both merchants and donors because of the common obstacles to the entrance. Every team member is subjected to a comprehensive background check, and we have.

Sophisticated monitoring tools are put in their hardware and software to ensure no deals are forwarded to other organizations. They never engage in backdoor transactions. Their reputation and commitment to doing decent business distinguish them from their competition.

Thinking Outside Of The Box

Specialty Capital has receivable financing programs for

  • business owners with bad credit,
  • businesses with cash flow problems or need a bridge funds,
  • new businesses, and
  • Businesses that need capital quickly but don’t want to go through a cumbersome three-month underwriting process at a larger institution.

They buy out up to two positions and are issuing clearances rapidly. They are prepared to think outside the box to help your businesses!

Why Become A Partner Funder With Specialty Capital

  • Specialty Capital’s customer service team is competent, devoted, patient, empathic, and has a positive attitude and market understanding.
  • They take the time to understand your company’s financial situation and demands.
  • They are highly skilled and competent experts with an excellent grasp of business and market dynamics. As a result, they comprehend your company’s cash demands, payback elements, and how you’ll be able to organize repayment from business activities.
  • The best thing about their assistance is that you will determine how much money you will require and which kind of financing is ideal for you.

For example, revenue-based financing, working capital financing, unsecured company financing, junior funding, and so on are all possible funding sources.

Access to rapid funding might be one of the most challenging issues for small businesses to overcome to continue and develop.

Choosing the finest website for quick business finance might be even more difficult. The funding may be required to increase operating capital, grow the firm, acquire equipment, or meet specific employment needs.

On the other hand, small enterprises may not be able to acquire traditional finance due to operational constraints. As a result, it may be a good idea to seek speedy cash from non-traditional funding channels.

Specialty capital offers a variety of funding alternatives with varying characteristics and prerequisites. These funding options include:

  • Working capital finance
  • Unsecured company funding
  • Junior debt financing
  • Revenue-based financing

In addition, processing time at other firms might take weeks or months. As a result, it is not suited if you want urgent funding.

Furthermore, their financing capability for small firms is restricted. As a result, if you wish to develop your firm on a vast scale, this might be a significant barrier. Overall, it’s a wise option to go with Specialty capital, which provides rapid, flexible, scalable finance with expert assistance and attitude.

Final Thoughts

Specialty, today’s finance partners leverage Specialty Capital financing solutions, technology platforms, and white label offers to expand their clients’ access to money.

If you provide receivable finance (MCA), equipment leases, SBA loans, or credit card advances, these can help you extend your product line.

You will be allocated a dedicated Partner Relationship Executive who will manage the process with you directly and present you with bids for your merchants within 2 hours, helping you secure more deals.

Small business operators frequently experience difficulties in acquiring capital for their operations. They are having difficulty raising funds for operating capital and expansion.

Furthermore, they confront significant challenges in obtaining rapid finance and scalability. As a result, specialty capital may be an excellent option to fund your firm while also ensuring that operations stay steady in the face of rising business demand.

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